Ads strategist


Ads Strategist

I help businesses scale revenue by getting more clients / customers using YouTube Advertising and Tiktok Advertising.

A person who is motivated by opportunities to gain knowledge, showing my expertise, and quality work. Prioritized ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions. A systematic, diplomatic, accurate and tactful person that values quality and accuracy. Constantly upgrading skills and eager to learn something new.

Do you need more clients using YouTube?

Do you need more signups with Google Ads?

Do you need to sell exponentially more of your product with TikTok Ads?

Do you need to maximize the results of your next launch?

Do you need to gain massive exposure to your ideal market?

Do you need a stream of consistent and reliable leads?

Do you need to profitable scale a winning offer?

I will help you provide SOLUTIONS to your marketing pain points.

I help high growth companies (between $6-7 figures/month) scale their new client/customer acquisition using Youtube Advertising and TikTok Advertising.

Marketing is changing, so as the business world at a rapid pace as a result of the internet and of this time. All these have meant business has been turned upside down. The days of spending money and not being able to track the results are gone. The right strategic decisions you make now have a positive effect on your business for many years to come.

I will help you have the highest ROI’s in your industry…That’s because I focus on the strategies and the underlying elements of successful marketing, rather than the tactics and surface level marketing practices you read about on some blog post somewhere.

I have one main commitment to you– And that is results.

But not results at any cost. Results in a way that provides goodwill and value to your market place, and is congruent to your core values and ways of doing business.

How Can I Help You?

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Webinar (Selling Software For Viral Lead Generation - Price @ $297)
2017 - 2020
Monthly Ad Spend: $10,000-$50,000

Video Training - Opt In Page + Video Sales Letter (Selling Facebook Interest Targeting Tool/Software - Price @ $197)
2018 - SEPT 2020
Monthly Ad Spend: $50,000 - $100,000


Webinar (Selling Software For Viral Lead Generation - Price @ $297)
2016 - 2020
Monthly Ad Spend: $50,000

Video Training - Opt In Page + Video Sales Letter (Selling Facebook Interest Targeting Tool/Software - Price @ $197)
2017 - SEPT 2020
Monthly Ad Spend: $100,000

Video Sales Letter (30 Days List Building Challenge @ $99)

Product Launch (Facebook Software @ $99)
January 2017


Own Ecom Store - Local PH - Using COD 2018-2019


2012 - Present

Media Buyer - Facebook Ads

2017 - Present

Media Buyer - Youtube Ads

2021 – Present

Media Buyer – TikTok Ads

Niche / Products Handled /Funnels



YouTube Ads 99%
Google Ads 99%
Sales Funnel Ideas 85%
TikTok Advertising 80%
Copywriting 80%
Email Automation 80%
Google Ads - Remarketing (Search - Display - Gmail Ads - Discovery) 80%
Other Platforom Remarketing (Facebook, Adroll) 80%
Creatives (Video, Image Dynamic) 80%

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